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FFB Facials

Everyone's skin isn't the same; your skin is unique, and all yours. From the products, we put on your skin, such as cleansers, exfoliants, and masks, to the targeted treatments our estheticians choose for you, personalized skin treatment is here and is ready for you! Our gentle yet effective skincare products combined with our advanced skin technology, each facial is ultimately tailored to you and your skin. Now, let's break it down. 


 Customized Organic Facials: 

(w/ a targeted treatment)

Our three customized facials are 55 minutes and designed to address your skin need and concerns. These facials include steamed exfoliation, extraction, hand and shoulder massage, a customized mask, and one of our targeted treatments (Microdermabrasion, Organic Peel, LED Light Therapy, & Ultrasonic). 

1. Organic Facial 

(w/ a targeted treatment)

Simple and upfront. This universal facial suits all ages and skin types. Great for beginners starting their skincare journey. No add-ons are needed here because we use various products and advanced techniques to address all your skincare needs. Where ever you are on your skincare journeys, such as premature aging, environmental damage, or acne flare-ups, our organic customized facial will address your skincare concerns. 

$85 / $90 (w/ oxygen)

2. Organic Facial with Cryo-Jelly Mask

(w/ a targeted treatment)

Ready to level up? Our customized organic facial takes the next step as we integrate an invigorating Cryo-Jelly mask and a Cryo-Face massage. This cooling mask helps soothe inflammation caused by dehydration. This facial will also help tackle rosacea and acne while providing a relaxing, refreshing sensation during your customized facial. 

$95/ $100 (w/ oxygen)

3. Organic Facial with Contouring Mask

(w/ a targeted treatment)

Need a lift? Our Contouring Facial stimulates collagen synthesis and affects nerve-to-nerve communication with our superstar ingredient Argireline, also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide -3 or -8. By including this key ingredient in our contouring mask, this facial will help improve deep expression wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness, and moisture levels. Leaving your skin plumped, smoothed, and hydrated.

$95/ $100 (w/ oxygen)

**Not suitable for acne-prone skin**


Hydro Facial


Micro Current


Contouring Mask

Integrated Facials:

Our three integrated facials combine innovative tools and facial machines with high-potency skincare products to elevate your facial to a new level. All integrated facials include a customized exfoliating mask and steam along with extractions (excluding Micro Current Facial) long with a hand and shoulder massage.



1. Hydro Facial 

This facial might be gentle but is one of our most effective procedures, delivering multiple skin benefits. Mechanical and chemical exfoliation are combined to clean and extract the skin while hydrating it for a soft, dewy complexion. Hydrogenated water is used to deep clean the skin, while Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid extract and remove clogged pores, blackheads, and dead skin cells. The cherry on top? Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C infusion to help brighten and hydrate for glowing skin. 

$105 / $110 (w/ oxygen)

2. Microcurrent Facial

Our FDA-cleared microcurrent device is safe for all skin types. Micro Currents work to strengthen and even out facial muscles and connective tissues. It also stimulates muscle and collagen production in the dermis, which results in toned, firmed, plumped, and lifted skin. Yes, it's true! Our Micro Current facial will deliver an immediate temporary facelift but also has long-term effects for healthy, younger-looking skin. Results may vary from person to person and do NOT include extractions. 

$110 / $115 (w/ oxygen)

** Pregnant women and people with any heart condition should avoid this treatment**

3. Nano Needling Facial

Nano needling is a non-invasive alternative to micro-needling. Though they share similarities, don't worry, no needles are involved in our facial. Instead, microscopic pyramid-like tips press down and vibrate against the skin, creating micro-channels tricking the body (your skin) into repairing itself while allowing up to 97% product absorption. This facial also includes a  pomegranate enzyme peel and plant stemcells serums. With our nano-needling device and organic, high-potency skincare products, your skin will be refreshed and renewed with zero downtime. 

$115 / $120 (w/ oxygen)

Face Care

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Be Skin Happy

unsure which facial is right for you? 

No biggie. 

Let our skincare experts choose. 

Book our BE SKIN HAPPY Facial and we'll take care of the rest. 


During your visit, your esthetician will assess your skin and listen to your skin goals and concerns in order to select the facial most beneficial to you. 

No matter what you choose... all of our facials will include the following

  • Skin Cleansing 

  • Skin Analyzing

  • Skin Exfoliating with steam and one of our organic exfoliating masks 

    • fruit enzyme exfoliating mask

    • antioxidant glycolic and raspberry mask (contains 5% Glycolic)

    • cranberry glycolic and lactic acid mask (contains 9% Glycolic and 1% Lactic acid)

  • Extractions

  • High Frequency 

    • A treatment that kills bacteria​

  • Massaging of the hands, shoulders, and the face 

  • Customized facial mask and hot towel

  • Customized Serum and Moisturizer 

  • Last but not least the mighty SPF 35 :)

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