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Our Facials

Everyone's skin is not the same. That's why at FFB we believe in customization. With our natural, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients combined with skin technology, each facial is truly unique and tailored to you and your skin... only.

From the products we put on your skin like cleansers, exfoliants, and masks to the targeted treatments our estheticians choose for you, personalized skin treatment is here and is ready for you!

Our estheticians choose a targeted treatment based on your skin concerns, which will be included in either the Organic Facial or the Cryo-Jelly Mask facial.


Hydro Facial

Our newest facial, the Hydro Facial, doesn't need an enhanced treatment because it delivers multiple skin benefits such as a deep clean, increased hydration, exfoliation, and reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, & wrinkles.


Our Hydro Facial uses hydrogenated water to cleanse the skin and neutralize free radicals on the skin surface. We then concentrate on the T-zone area by applying a lactic acid solution and a salicylic acid solution to remove unwanted keratin, dead skin cells, blackheads, and clogged pores.


Our Hydro Facial also includes a Radio Frequency face massage to help firm and lift the skin. Last but not least, we apply a customized face mask to the skin and use a hydro wand to infuse Vitamin C into the skin. The Vitamin C infusion will help normalize your skin's PH balance while also brightening your skin for a natural, healthy glow. 

Which facial is right for you? 

Organic Facial

$85 / $90

We use a variety of products and a range of advanced techniques to address all your skincare needs. From premature aging to environmental damages or acne flare-ups. We are always inclusive; never any add-ons. 

Cyro - Jelly Mask Facial 

$95 / $100

This cooling mask helps soothe inflammation caused by dehydration, as well as rosacea and acne, addressing your skincare needs and concerns and providing a relaxing, refreshing sensation in the process.

Hydro Facial

$105 / $110

Our Hydro Facial has three crucial steps. We focus on deep cleaning, extracting, and hydrating to maintain your skin health and maximize your skin's natural glow. 

No matter which Facial you choose... all three options will include

  • Skin Cleansing 

  • Skin Analyzing

  • Skin Exfoliating with steam and one of our organic exfoliating masks 

    • fruit enzyme exfoliating mask

    • antioxidant glycolic and raspberry mask (contains 5% Glycolic)

    • cranberry glycolic and lactic acid mask (contains 9% Glycolic and 1% Lactic acid)

  • Extractions 

  • High Frequency 

    • A treatment that kills bacteria ​

  • Massaging of the hands, shoulders, and the face 

  • Customized facial mask and hot towel

  • Customized Serum and Moisturizer 

  • Last but not least the mighty SPF 35 :)

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